Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jubilee Calendar Reveals Man's Time Here on Earth

Dear Christians, 

More on the Jubilee calendar.

It is really easy to see this is a very accurate way to know the time of man’s habitation of the earth. The book Jubilees reveals, chapter 4 verse 29, 30 that Adam lived through the 19’th Jubilee cycle. That he was 930 years old and we know he was a few months into another year. 19 X49 = 931 and that is when Adam died, in the 931'st year of his life.   He lived in a full 19 Jubilee cycles.  Then of course the next year, BC 3054 was a Jubilee.

Now if we would just go back one Jubilee cycle in time past BC 3985 which we know was the year of Adam and Eve we would now have the habitation of man here more than 6,000 years already.

Let us now go 81 Jubilees down from BC 3985 and that brings us to BC 16. 3985 - 3969 = 16. Now down 16 more and that ends the BC period and so starting with one again we count up through AD 33 and so the 16 yrs and the 33 years gives us 49. So now we have a total of 82 Jubilees.  AD 33 ended Christ's ministry and went to the Gentiles AD 34 a  Jubilee a new begining which all Jubilees are.

AD 34 to AD 1994 is 1960 years and exactly 40 Jubilees. The 82 Jubilees to AD 34 and the 40 to 1994 our last Jubilee year makes us 122 Jubilees to 1994 which is 5,978 yrs. We only need 22 years added to 5,978 to make 6,000. Now add that to our last Jubilee yr., 1994 and we get 2016. This cannot miss only plus or minus a year at the most. Also the time is to be shortened for the elect’s sake.

There is a very accurate way of knowing how close to the finish of this reign of sin that man fell to.  Here is a url that Glenn Moore shows you the whys and wherefores and there is no doubt about it as he shows you this calendar is in sync with new beginnings here on our planet and that is what this calendar is about, "New Beginnings".  Can it be moved from there?  Show me if you can.

I invite you to do the math with Glenn Moore. 

Bro. Gibs.

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