Friday, September 9, 2011

The Only Way

The only way for the Christian to go is through that “strait”gate and then to follow that “narrow” path.

The statement of beliefs here is the KJV Bible. Decipher it properly and you will stay in the way He has given.

That those ten Commandments are as valid today as they were in the beginning and right on throughout eternity. That fourth one that starts with “Remember” is the forgotten one among most Christians today.
When Yahshua died on the cross those Commandments were not what was done away with. It was the laws given by Moses of the sacrificial laws that pointed to the blood and sacrifice of the True Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. That plan was laid before all creation and Yahshua was the creator of all things. Col 1:16,17.

The Blood of Yahshua covered all the sins of Adam and Eve to the last one that comes to His offered Salvation.  His Blood was shed once and for all from beginning to end.

But know this, He did fulfill that Royal law by keeping it.  He set the example for all and then will dwell in each that each also can fulfill it. Not one jot or tittle is to pass from it. Heaven and earth would have to Pass first. Mt 5:17,18.

Yahshua will even put them on display at the third “woe” and seventh trumpet. Re 11:19, the Ark of the Testament is seen!

The Truth as it is in His Word is our only safe guide. It is declared,- - Ps 91:4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

By His Spirit He will guide all into the Truth when we search for it and let His Spirit speak to us. Joh 8:32.

Once through that “strait” gate one must not veer right or left far as it is “narrow”. Most are falling off into the world by becoming lax and extremely liberal. We are to be over comers and the theology that one cannot overcome sin then leads to going back in sin and we will not be saved in sin.

Christ in you the hope of Glory gives to one power over committing sin. He forgives at True repentance past sin and empowers by being in you to overcome the coveted sin that has overpowered you before.

The reason I am writing this writing is because I know time left for this old world is very short now. If there ever was a time the masses that inhabit the earth need to awake to the fact there is a great Creator and God who must finally bring sin to an end.

His Word is proof that He is Who He says He is and the Prophecy proves He is True and the Redeemer came exactly as predicted. That Word is the foundation and fountain of Truth and Wisdom and understanding  those of the world can not know.

No Theology is needed or creed book, follow Him and His Word the Truth.

Enough for one sitting.
Bro. Gibs

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