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Asparagus Therapy Diet For Cancer Treatment

Developed by a dentist in Pittsburg who had cancer behind the eye, also suffered Hodgkin’s Disease and had an obstruction in his intestines. With the asparagus method, the eye tumor disappeared and that at the end of a year his doctor could find no trace of cancer. He had an x-ray of the aorta to see if there were any deposits ( arteriosclerosis ) and it was revealed that he was free of them; the area was that of an 18 year old. He went back to his dentistry and is in good health now.

A considerable number of other types of cancer have also been helped, such as: cancer of the mouth, of the bladder, of the breast, metastasized to lung, also lost sight of one eye, was given 3 months to live, intestinal cancer, leukemia, prostrate, etc.
( Dentist believes it should beneficial in all types of cancer. Several Physicians are using this method.)

Side effects: None ever reported.
Contraindications: Asparagus should not be taken when any mustard gas or sulfa drugs are used.

Caution: NEVER USE ASPARAGUS RAW ! ! It contains an ingredient that can be harmful if use daily.

Length of treatment: 6 months to a year, until doctor finds symptoms gone and test are negative.
Response Times: Patient usually begins to feel better within 2 to 4 weeks.

Method: Simplest seems to be the BLENDED METHOD. Place contents of a can of asparagus into Blender and blend ( include all the liquid )
Dose: 8 Tablespoons daily ( 4 Tbs. morning and night ) if used for a known cancer.
4 Tablespoons daily ( 2 Tbs. morning and night ) if used for prevention.

For variation, the BLENDED ASPARAGUS may be used in soup. It may be taken on a fasting stomach or with a meal or some food, as one desires.

Green asparagus is probably more nutritious than white. Brand does not seem to matter; or whether in spears or cut up.

Keep left over asparagus refrigerated. More than 8 Tablespoons daily may be taken if desired. There is an unsalted asparagus in jars. Some people use commercial canned brands, such as Green Giant or Stokeley’s. Other prefer to use a health store brand that does not contain salt or additives. Still others prefer to use frozen asparagus, being sure to cook before blending. Fresh asparagus is also used - cooked and blended. Some people mash asparagus with a potato masher and discard the pulp or use in soup, instead of using the BLENDER METHOD, but the Blender method is the easiest, simplest, and is very effective. There are varied theories as to why asparagus is effective, ranging from the theory that it may be a vermifuge and kills the parasites, or that it is high in a certain DNA factor.

It is important to take the asparagus regularly for at least 6 months to a year, or until diagnosis and tests indicate that the patient is free of cancer. A case history follows to show how important this is.
Asparagus has also been found helpful in a case of benign tumor.

A woman with a large internal tumor began taking the asparagus. Within about 4 weeks the tumor had decreased considerably in size. The patient was stricken with intestinal flu, was unable to eat and discontinued the asparagus for about 5 weeks. The tumor then grew very rapidly. She then resumed taking the asparagus until her physician found her entirely free of symptoms. The tumor is now gone.

This has been effective for many people for many years now.
A high speed blender will make it smooth without any tough fibers.

Bro. Gibs

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